Bhagavad Gita Chapter 13 - The yoga of the Field and its Knower

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Arjuna asked Krishna to explain what is field, who is the person known of field, what is knowledge, what is nature and what is living being in it. Krishna explained to Arjuna, the body of the self is called Field, the person who understand his body and its senses, is called person who knows the field.  The understanding of them is knowledge. The body has five great elements, egoism, intellect, ten senses and mind, desire, hatred, pleasure, pain, intelligence, fear, etc and when they combine with mind they derive all the actions.. The humility, modesty, forgiveness, service to teacher, purity, steadiness, self control, absence of attachment to objects, absence of egoism, Clarity in perception of birth- death- old age-sickness and pain, unattached to affection of son, wife, home and maintaining equality for desirable and undesirable, constant in self realization,  all of them are called knowledge. The things which are opposite to this is called ignorance. The one who understand his body and separate himself with his knowledge is the one, who reaches me.

"Our Life: Have you noticed; wherever you find a mirror, irrespective of how many times we have seen ourselves in a day, many of us like to see once again in the mirror!! Check when you are in office washroom, restaurant, hospital, shopping market, anywhere... If we take a stock that how much time we spend time in gratifying the bodily senses, it might be very interesting information for us... We spend lot of time in external care of the body, the look, the color, skin care, hair growth and so on ( good for cosmetics seller :)) then we spend time in satisfying the taste senses , search for food, restaurants, snacks and then physical and mental satisfaction on through various activities.. Most of us live for the sake of satisfying the body and its senses and nothing more for us... Do we ever try to distinguish the body and our self separately?!! Very when a pain comes to your body, it heavily impacts your mind and senses, because you have always given your body the priority... When your senses are not satisfied, you get wild, your mind goes out of control (example: if you don’t have tasty food for few days, are not you get wild with family member or service provider?)... Some people have low confidence, because physically they don’t appear great, whose mistake is this!! It’s only theirs... Knowledge is superior, and our mind should constantly work on it, then our body and its senses take less priority, so that we can control”

Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Krishna told Arjuna, the supreme power is in every being, it’s smaller and larger, it’s undivided but yet divided, it’s unmoving but yet moving, it’s the light and also darkness, the understanding of these phenomenon is knowledge. The nature has all the materialistic things span across and that's the cause, the living being  with their characters like desire, ego, attachment, senses they utilize the nature and produce actions, which will result in good/bad, pleasure/pain, etc. I am the lord as a spectator, a permitter, a enjoyer and a non-enjoyer, I keep performing my duties without any attachments. The one who understand these, and performs the action, will never born again. The one can see supreme lord in all beings and he never destroys the self, because of this virtue and he reaches god. A man who understand that all desires and actions are based on this nature and senses, he will attain the supreme god.  The one, who can understand, the body, knowledge of body, nature and living being characteristics, will be able to cross over and reach the supreme god.

“Our Life: We develop our knowledge based on the question "Why", and we understand the logic in the answer and we gain our knowledge. From childhood, this is the technique we follow to gain our knowledge. Hence most of the time, we need some logic which we can understand, to qualify an information as knowledge and store in our mind and work accordingly. However not always we need logic to satisfy ourselves and act, this is very much true when there is high negative or positive benefit is involved. In that case, we accept anything without logic. While walking in a street, someone says, in Next Street there is a street pump which flows lava (volcano eruption) in to the street and many of them injured, we will not even go there... Though we might be knowing, there is no possibility of that... Even when someone said, the gods' idol is drinking milk, we all carried milk... When someone takes away gods' idol from his mouth, we all see that as god’s blessing...This very nature of us, runs in the mind and controls the senses. When someone says, don’t think about a monkey, we think about it... why, because we want to know why? If they say to you, the moment you think about monkey, you will die...again you will think.. It’s because fear! ... Fear of change/impact is a major reason to think adversely...Why do we have fear? Because we like the current position of us and we don’t want change from it...more than that we are very much attached to the elements, body, relationship, etc.. so we don’t want change, so fear creeps in, when fear is there - we don’t need logic, our knowledge breaks... in that situation, we can act as ill, superstitious, cry and lower our stability. So we have to keep using the question "why", but when we don’t use it, it means there is something that we need to take care of it.. At the same time, we take little information about a logic (which we can understand) and we store them as knowledge. (Fire will burn! we don’t test it, we just take this information as knowledge)... So the knowledge have to be complete even about our body, attachments, senses and everything... If we don’t have it, then senses (like fear, happiness, etc) will start controlling us, which leads only to misery.

God's creations and he himself is an Oxymoron or conflicting thing.... unless we understand him, this would be our view point. The smallest atom, when split can destroy a country! The lightest air can uproot any structure! The smallest of a cell, can create a human! And so on, how the sky is clear and visible at a distance, but when you reach there, there is no end to it, that’s how god also! He has no end and no beginning and he is the smallest but the largest, he kept the secrets and knowledge of all secrets in our mind also and in the universe also! Like water he fits in the form you want! It’s up to us to think in the way we want! You think him as a flower; he comes to you as flower! You think him as knife; he comes to you as knife! So it’s up to us (by the way, when i say us, it includes him also, without him, there is no you, i and us!)"

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