Bhagavad Gita Chapter 15 - The Yoga of Supreme Being

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Krishna told Arjuna that the Vedas talk about a banyan tree, which is upside down, where the roots are grown up and the branches are coming down, the upper part of roots are the Vedas and the branches are the three characteristics (Gunas) and the roots which are growing downward reaches the human society, none of the people are aware it’s start and end, but one has to understand that they have to cut the branches of these tree with the weapon called detachment to reach the supreme god. Krishna went ahead and told, All the living entities in the world are my parts, due to the senses and the characteristics they lead a life in a conception and based on that life, they carry the aroma (with the soul) and enters in to the new body. With the new body, the soul attains a new form of ears, eye, tongue, nose and senses, etc. Based on the new senses and mind the body again performs action. The ignorant will not understand his current life, his body and the characteristics he has, nor can he understand how his soul can reach a new body. However the one who is in self realization can see this clearly. The splendor of sun, moon and fire comes from me, I enter in each planet, I keep them in orbit, I am the fire of digestion, I am the air of life, I nourish the plants and I am seated in everyone's heart and from me comes remembrance, forgetfulness and everything. I am known by all Vedas, I am the Vedas and i am the knower of the Vedas. The perishable material world and imperishable spiritual world everything comes from me and I am the Supreme Being and called supreme soul, who is beyond all this. The one who knows this and lives within me, will have no birth.

Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita

"Our Life: When I read this, I noticed that the new body with new ears, eye, tongue, etc is born based on the previous life, here the wonderful thing is there is no similarity between them. The fingerprints of 500+ crore people are different, and the previous generation of 400 crore people were different and it’s the same for all the previous generation. In fact this is the true unique id every human is having! Same is for the eye pupil. Why can’t they be the same, even at least randomly, why they never the same?!! How such a unique design is possible, though with bare eye, they all look same within that 1.5* 1.5 cm thumb... Similarly we say 7 people look same in the world, at least till now we haven't seen anyone in the same way, even the twins born with certain difference. Who is the creator or designer for this?! Don’t worry about cloning, that’s still done from using same cells of a’s a Xerox technique...

Similarly we all read Darwin’s rule about evolution, and I personally like it and believe it. What I like about it, is the relationship it has brought about on the nearby species in a table. However it doesn't say that the evolution's happened without any supreme can’t also... in every period of world the god has taken different forms and different kind of animals where there and even human may not exist also in there... In last 2000 years at least we have our history is clear, but we have not seen any evolution, we never heard a new type of animal is born, even for that matter at least for last 5000 years we are sure..If it’s just because of evolution, we would have expected modified human being, but I guess we are the same... (Don’t count the result of fast food on human being :))... However yes, we see lot of new germs is coming... may be the demons are no longer with multiple arms; they have become bacteria, virus and nuclear weapons...

What does this mean to us is nothing but a supreme personality, which creates and maintains the system and living beings. It has complete control on all the living beings on this world and their life. It creates and destroys or resets the entire world and new set of species are born! However for us our running is important in life, and comparison is important in our life, and making fun of others is important in our life, whereas we have no clue that we ourselves is completely controlled by the supreme power and not only we , but the entire world. We do this, because we always think that supreme power is somewhere outside of us and for our life we need to run! Yes... We need to do the duties but without attachments and we can also realize the supreme personality within us”

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