Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16- The Yoga of Divine and Demonic

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Krishna told Arjuna, there are two kind of nature available, one is divine and another is demonic. The divine nature is purity, fearless, steadiness, self knowing, austerity, truth, non violence, absence of anger, modesty, forgiveness, energy, absence of pride, etc...The demonic nature is  anger, ignorance, self praising, no purity, no truth, no good conduct, live for that moment and ready to sacrifice things for their happiness, small intellect,  pride, arrogance, cruel desires, delusion,  sensual enjoyment is the highest aim, wrath, grieving, unjust means, wealth accumulation for sensual enjoyment,  believing that today is gained by them, hold everything, desire to hold all wealth for future, believing they change life, they manage people, they can do harm, they are the successful one and even believing they are strong and their health is managed by them. The demonic nature brings ego, greed, pride, false sacrifices, delusion and addiction towards habit’s, sense gratification, self honoring, stubbornness, power misuse, etc. The people who are with this nature, they even hate god and they can’t see me in their own bodies nor in others also. These evil doers will born in between demons only. By their act, these demonic nature people never reach me. Greed, anger and strong sexual desire these three should be avoided, to come out of demonic nature. A person, who comes of these three gates of darkness, can do good to self and to others and he will reach me. The person, who neglects these, will not be able to come across the darkness and can never attain perfection and happiness not the supreme goal.

Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita

“Our Life: Let’s think for a minute and find out three activities for which we are proud of ourselves... count 1 to 60 if we want... now, if we had even one activity for which proud of in our life, then we yet to understand Gita. There is nothing for us to be proud of ourselves, it’s all comes from one supreme soul, nor we have to feel that we are bad...The Divine and Demonic nature, these may not be exclusively available in a human, it can be in a mix. How many times we have seen that position, money, power/authority brings in easily the greed, misuse, and pride to people and they lose themselves in this nature. A security guard can get arrogance by his authority , an officer gets it and politician gets it, and you and me would have unknowingly used the authority we have , as a tool to satisfy our mind and senses! We have to consciously separate them from us, from the self! When we go to a temple/church/ people rush in front of god, hit each other and try touch a place/idol/get some sacred products/etc... What purpose? A temple/mosque /church is a place for peaceful worship , but wherein the places have become revenue centers and people forget the peace and fight with each other to do their rituals/duty (for us, going to holy places have become duty, rather than feeling the supreme power there :)) .. Are these activities are Divine or Demonic?! Well we know the answer... In our life, if every one of us tries to see what we are doing, we all can realize that we too have the demonic nature... Constantly and consciously we need to cut them... With whom we spent maximum time in our life we spent, according to us??? ..Wife/ mother/friend/children???!!!!  Answer is: None of the above, It’s SELF.  If we have such demonic characters, it means that we are the first enemy to ourselves; we ruin our life and why to blame others... By changing us and looking at the supreme goal, the maximum time we spent being in divine nature....

This is not only at personal level, but also think about countries and the rulers; the power also gives them demonic nature. The countries and borders are nothing but logical division of land to preserve certain rules, tradition and for better management. The borders which exist now, where not there 200 years before, the border which was there 600 years before is not there now, the one in future may be completely different. People bring in patriotism to ensure, traditions are kept safe and to have better management, but over a period of time, the humanity is dead, now the borders have become cause of concern for humanity... People think the person beyond this line or fence is my enemy... what have the world thought to humanity? Grudge, vengeance, terrorism, racism, no acceptance, etc... Every country spends huge money to safeguard their borders and let their soldiers die, for nothing but a logical division of land... because every country believes that others will demolish the identity of their country, everybody spends... in this process, every country things that others are cheats, crooked, etc... So by design, this is how we start to see a foreign country and a foreigner, so humanity is gone. Beyond this, the countries which are rich and powerful, they are greedy enough to hold wealth and destabilize and control (demonic nature plays) and in return, they get wrath from other countries... Maldives is the first country which will be submerged under the sea, so the people are migrating to different countries... So what is a country here mean for them? It’s piece of land, where they live... If in America, huge cyclones forms on weekly basis or heavy earth quakes rocks on daily basis, even those people have to move out of the great America... So what’s a country here means...nothing but a logical division for certain cultural/traditional and management purpose... So why to have demonic nature, just for the land, which is anyway governed by the supreme power....."

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