Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 - The Yoga of Knowledge

Bhagavad Gita Summary :As Arjuna has put down his bow and sat down, Krishna started talking to him. Krishna asked Arjuna, from where he is bringing this weakness at this difficult situation, in which, Arjuna has to perform his duty as a warrior. Krishna went ahead and told, by doing such an act, he will not achieve heaven nor do any fame and he ask Arjuna to leave such weakness behind and perform his duty. Arjuna replied to Krishna, that he will not do such an act, which can kill his nearer and dearer, after that he became silent.

"Our Life: Arjuna's weakness came from attachment and fear of unknown, it’s the same for us, and we all have our weakness towards losing any attachment. Be it a car, relationship, home or anything - we don’t want to lose and we are not ready for anything unexpected. We all want favorable condition throughout life. We pray to god to always bless us with favorable condition. The other fact is, we don’t know, how to manage an unfavorable condition or an event. Our parents or elder in our life don’t teach us, how to manage a death/lose/fear, but they only say us to think always on favorable positives. In an unfavorable condition most of us fail or get anxious/ worried/stressed and not able to come out of it. Basically we have never been taught on how to manage the loss of something (everything is taken from here and one day they will go off)"

Bhagavad Gita As it is

Bhagavad Gita Summary :After listening to Arjuna, Krishna has smiled and started speaking those words, which are going to be the underlying principles for living and non living beings in the world and across universes. Krishna has told Arjuna, that he is grieving for which, he shouldn’t. He told, as human changes the dress on daily basis, the soul also changes its body. The soul which is born in this world with a body, over a period of time, will leave the body through death, and will again take the new body and will born.

“Our life: We all know, every day new cells are born and old cells die in our body. The birth and death takes place in our brain, heart, hand and everywhere. Yet, we are not aware of! Because it’s taken care by the supreme power! For many of us, it’s science! (Now if your friend or wife says, that you are not the same as of yesterday, you can accept with smile

Bhagavad Gita Summary :Krishna went ahead and told Arjuna, the wise man will take pleasure and pain the same way, the body is perishable can't be protected , but the soul is imperishable and no one can cause destruction to them.

"Our Life: If a farmer thinks, he shouldn’t remove a blossoming flower from the plant, he is ignorant, and the flower will be perished on its own. However the same farmer thinks, the soul of the plant can be destructed, that’s not possible, because the soul takes the next birth. Now I have a question, if 10000 years before if the world had only thousands of human , then only the same count of soul will be there, but how come today, we have 500 crore people , it means 500 crore souls , how the new souls came in ?... oops... no... I got the answer, the soul count includes animals and plants also, we destroyed so many of them, and they are born among us to teach a lesson to us :)"

Bhagavad Gita Summary :Krishna told Arjuna; whoever thinks that they kill the soul, is ignorant. The soul is not newly created and it’s never destructed but they attach to a body, based on the attachments they gained. The soul which has carried the goodness/sins/desire/etc takes the body/form (animal/plant/human/etc) it deserves , but the soul which never carries anything, but has only supreme personality of God as goal, will not born with a body, but will stay with god.  The soul can never be fired/burnt/wetted/cut or be in to any destruction. If this truth, you are only killing the body and not the soul. For something born here, death is certain. For something dead here, birth is certain.

It’s like PMBOK/ ISO/ Global standard definition for the term "Project”: Every project has Start and End :)

"Our Life: Don’t we know, we will die in some time. Yes we all know, but at least for me it will not be near, may be for Sam or John or Raghu that could be early!!! , we are happy to think like this. We always believe that we will live 70 years minimum. Who gave us the guarantee?!! Ok... let it is... Even having this Guarantee, what do we do?!!! We want to study engineering or MBA or CA, etc, get a big salary, buy 1 or 2 houses and pay installments,  have 1 or 2 kids, search for schools, run for college seats, pension plan, good four wheeler, full of loan( when we pay out a loan, we go for next loan) and  son or daughter stays in far away city/country, deposit money in a  senior citizen plan and one day get admitted in hospital !!! (Some of them think back and feel, they never did what they wanted and they lived such a poor life)  This the life 400 + crore people living and in the past most of them had similar life... So who are we? do you know , someone who lived in Mumbai(in Dadar) in some bungalow, 25 years back or someone lived in a palace in Rajasthan in A.D 1247 ... We don’t know.. We don’t know our purpose of life! But we all want this body to be there for minimum 70 years with us, to do what? I don’t say that we have to be a historical personality or a popular person... Do we know, how many literatures & languages are lost, how many great people are unknown, do we know anyone who lived 12000 B.C, etc, No ... Even history and fame also goes away with the time. It’s all about understanding that this body is not owned by us, and don’t get attached to it, but only to our soul. That will lead us to a birth-less state, however it doesn't mean, not to perform the duty, but not to get attached to worldly things and relationships, beyond a limit (self realized state -where we can separate as we demand)"

Bhagavad Gita Summary :Krishna told Arjuna, the duty of a warrior is to fight and by not fulfilling his duty he will achieve sin. The world will not appreciate the one, who has turned down his duty, and people may think because of fear he left the battle field. By killing these bodies of the greedy one, you will fulfill you duties and may achieve the rightful position. Krishna went ahead and told the one who treats pleasure and pain, gain or loss, victory and defeat, alike will not achieve sin, because he performs his duty and he is not gaining anything out of the result and he is not bothered on result.

"Our Life: Performing duty, according to us, limit’s to our family and our job. Most of us don’t bother anything outside our life. Fulfilling our needs is a part of duty but that's not all! We don’t give our voice for anything! Sorry, we do... We all talk to our friends and family about injustice/scam/social needs/changes to make in country, etc and also we strongly believe that someone will do the job for us :) (Perhaps we have faith in others, more than self) We go behind popular social cases, and we take road and we walk with candle light, but we forget to step in to our next door and stop the discrimination happening there. We talk about what happens in Srilanka and in Delhi, but we don’t talk and take action on what happens in the nearby community or street. Beyond this, how many of us think that we need to keep the environment clean outside our house, how many of us dare to question a person who is polluting the society/economy/politics/health/environment, etc... Rare...But we all are duty conscious... We run for our bus, we run for our work, we run for our sleep and we run for everything...but only for us and  only for what we need !!!"

Bhagavad Gita Summary :Krishna has started speaking about yoga to Arjuna, The one who is resolute has single mind of determination, the one who is not has his mind following different branch of thoughts and will be inconclusive and confused. The Resolute understands that everything here is taken from here and one day he will need to leave all this and go, also he understands that all the beings here will change over a period of time and they are destroyable.

"Our Life: Most of us actually are living in simulation more than real current happening. How much we talk in our mind! How much we talk to others in our mind! How much we create people and their behaviors in our mind! We pre-decide about what the other person will talk, when we say something! We pre-decide what the situation will be when we enter an office/function/etc. It means we spend huge amount of time in simulation, and many of them simulate the long future also... They think, what will happen to their life, what money they would have earned, etc.... Neither they live in current nor do they live in future. Some simulate the past and think, if this could have been that way, which would have been nice! The mind lays out branches for us to travel, but it’s up to us to cut those branches and live in the present and be determined only about the supreme power or connected to our soul and perform actions without expectation on result"

Bhagavad Gita Summary :Krishna told Arjuna that Veda’s (holy rules) can guide a person to reach the demi gods (Sun, moon, other forms of gods) and to get good life, however the one who has attained the Yogic state is not pleased by them  nor impressed by the power it gives. He who is in Yogic state can control the senses and still be living a normal life. When he meets the supreme power he also loses the worldly interests and reaches the god without any obstacles. For that yogic person, Veda’s serve no purpose.

"Our Life: We have seen, most of us don’t understand Veda’s clearly and their purpose. There are few, who has learnt Veda’s, but I am not including them here... Most of us do lot of ceremonies/rituals in our house/temple without knowing the purpose, but with the belief it’s god's language or ceremony and he will be pleased with that. We always forget, that solely thinking about him in our mind/heart and perform our duty, will please him more than anything! But the truth is, we believe rituals alone will bring peace and harmony to us and our family. How untrue is this! We also see, there are some VIP's/rich people who enter in to temple/church/mosque and get high priority for them and get some good words from priests and they think that god has blessed them. God is equal for every living being here and no need of any mediator here (the concept of Guru is different) and the importance given to them is a manual happening and it’s not from god. The first thing, believe your god is knowledgeable. Don’t think he can be fooled! Similarly we see some temples/churches/mosques getting high donations; I am sure more the money comes from Sin and as part of share for the Sin. We believe god will reduce our punishment, if we give him some share :)"

Bhagavad Gita as it is

Bhagavad Gita Summary :Krishna told Arjuna, being in Evenness in success and failure is called Yoga and yogic state. The one who performs the actions given to him, without worries/interests in the result, is actually getting in to the Yogic state. He is not bothered about the fruitive result and he is in steady state. The one who is self satisfied for what he is! He is said to be in steady wisdom.

"Our Life: How many of us feel, till date we had very good life without any hassles, and how many feel, my life is the best! Not many... we still look at some other's life as best life, we still look at someone as best person. We still need something else to make us satisfied. If I remember the movie "castaway", that showed a man who nearly attained self satisfaction in the island, but that’s more by force of nature and not by wish. All the materialistic things and living beings will not leave you to be on your own and they will never make you as self satisfied person on your own. Just, we need to leave them!!! There are many among us, who can’t live without phone, who can’t live without TV, who can’t live without friends, who can’t live without something... Attachment to something, makes us more comfortable and not letting us to think about who we are? We all are very comfortable, by not allowing ourselves to know, who we are and what we are doing... We need more internal control, to start thinking about ourselves...Sit somewhere quietly and think who you are... again don’t think, what Sam and Raghu does to your life and don’t think how your wife/son/parents behaves with you... it should be only you! There is nothing beautiful than you in god's creation and there is nothing holier than you in god's creation!”

Bhagavad Gita Summary :Krishna went ahead and told Arjuna,  when we are subjected to senses and allow them to dominate, the attachments come, from the attachments we get desire , from unfulfilled desire/broken desire the anger comes, from anger the delusion comes, from delusion we get confusion in memory and we lose reasoning and that leads to ruining.

In that chain of speech, I can remember holy Buddha stating similar the way; all these are more or less same, because the truth is single.

“There is no three or four gods in the world, neither so many of them ruling this world. Its one supreme power, which has created and maintains this universe and other universes and even the micro organisms. And that supreme power is Krishna! If you think, this is what I am going to say, I am sorry! This could be Nabhi or Jesus or any one, but there is a supreme power. Just because in my region (correlated with religion), we believe in the form of Krishna, i call him as supreme power, but if am born in Saudi or in Italy, I will call him differently. Never Krishna has crossed and went to Rome, nor Nabhi went New Zealand, nor did Jesus go to Vietnam.  The religion and rituals are born from the region and conditions, however it doesn't mean there is no god. There is one supreme power which is beyond imaginable knowledge and power, which runs everything. The sad part of human is, unless he understands something, he believes they are not true. Before Edison, no one knows about electricity, the older generation would have thought about him as fool, but now electricity is a subject with few marks...Just because we don’t see something/hear something/feel something, we can’t say there is nothing... it’s our limitation .... It’s beyond the current science, its belief... that’s the only way to see the god!!!”

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