Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 - The Yoga Of Action

Bhagavad Gita Summary :Arjuna asked Krishna, you are saying knowledge of Yoga is superior to Action, if so, by knowing this, why should I do the action of killing? And also he conveyed to Krishna that his speech seems to be conflicting in nature and no way is clear. Krishna replied to Arjuna, there are two ways, one is living in knowledge of yoga and another one is following the path of action of the yogis. Just by not performing an action, you would never reach Action-less state, nor by waivering your action you would achieving the perfect state. None of living being at any instant remains inactive. The nature- born qualities are always working in them.

Let us clarify something, the word "Yoga" given here is not the breathing exercise taught or physical exercise taught in a "Yoga Class". It’s a condition of maintaining evenness to the action, results and happenings, and living with self consciousness. Anyways, here we are not going to give any definitions for terminology, if at all, it’s only for clarifications purpose.

"Our Life: The moment when someone decides (Yes, many of us decide, that now i will follow god  religiously or now i will do additional charity, etc) to follow supreme personality of god, they buy a book like Bhagavad Gita and started reading it or watch television channels or attend religious meetings, then some of them conclude, everything in this world is untrue and there is no meaning in continuing working/doing duty, and they start to behave so weird, that their family members get really irritated and feels, why do this person get in to it! Some of us don’t keep Gita in our house, we don’t keep Krishna and Arjuna's (together in Battlefield) picture in our house, because we fear that will not help normal life and it will bring war in house. Truth is, Gita tells us how to live in evenness in normal life. But our understanding on evenness always goes on the extreme side, where we are not clear what to lose and what to control. Like Arjuna got confused at this moment, we also get confused by half understanding/knowledge"

Bhagavad Gita Summary :Some of us attempt or perform meditation and some believe, this is what an action less state. Meditation what we perform in normal life, can help us break our thoughts and make us concentrate, which might reduce the blood pressure and support the bodily happenings for few minutes. But once we finish our meditation, we search for our phones, we attend mails, we start arguments, etc (basically we resume normal life)... This is where the meditation is required. It’s nothing but, unattached to the action and to its result, but keep performing the action. A mind keep practicing this, is in real “meditation". Not the one, which says, some word for 15 to 30 min and comes back to normal sense driven actions after that period. 

Krishna told Arjuna, controlling the senses by organs is not the right one, but controlling the mind over the objects of senses is the superior way. The one, who can restrain the senses by mind, involves his organs of action in Karma-Yoga, without attachment and he excels. The one who performs his duty by action and he is superior to the one who is inactive.

"Our Life: Many of us has different habit’s which we our-self don't like, for example , we want to get up early on daily basis, but when we try to get up, we feel - why not another 15 min sleep... then we slip into sleep. Similarly someone may want to quit smoking, but cant.... Because, we do initiate controls on our senses, and not in our mind. The senses are powerful; however the mind is more powerful than senses. Mind thinks on consequences, where as senses can't. So it’s practically easier to control mind, which in turn will control the senses. In our mind when we fix up a time to get up, we don’t need alarm, on that exact time, we will get up. I am sure; many of us are experiencing this. But when it’s not fixed in mind, even if the alarm rings, we will snooze it :)"

Bhagavad Gita as it is

Bhagavad Gita Summary :Krishna told Arjuna, that actions has consequences , which has to be sacrificed (the result), that's the way one can do actions, The other way is for the one, who is self satisfied in self itself, for him there is no action is required, as he is not dependent on anything. He is not attached even to the actions (not only to the result). However he also performs his duty (without attachment on actions). He told Arjuna, for the supreme god (Krishna himself) there is nothing to achieve in this world or in heaven or hell, but still he also is performing the duty without attachment.

"Our Life: I always have this question, even you might be having the same,  Why should god make me born in this world and suffer here, and what is he trying to prove here, if I am not born here i would have been happy....Hmm... I never got any proper answer from anyone and i don't believe an answer logically (logic here, to the extend, I and you can understand) can be given here! God performs his duty of creation, maintenance and destruction of living beings in a materialistic environment, without any attachment and without any results in his mind, he is keeping doing it. However the living beings born here, is not able to live without any attachment and they enjoy taking pleasure and one day when there is pain, they ask question to God, why you make me born? (When we are very happy, we don't ask this!) We ask what the result, god is trying to achieve? Whereas, he already told us, this is his duty and he is not expecting result. But for our logic, without a result why should he do? This is our question and we go ahead and think, why can’t he stop doing his action? First of all, we want god to be attached to result then attached to his action else we want him to stop the action! The only problem here is we don't do our duty in the way he is telling us and now we want him to be attached to everything! God has also told a way to come out this birth and death, that's by being yogic and continue to be determined on supreme power, by that we can come out of this! But we are not ready for that, but we would like to advise god also :)"

Bhagavad Gita Summary :Krishna told Arjuna, that the wise man, who understands that actions have to be performed without attachments, keeps performing it. However they shouldn't unrest the one, who is ignorant, by giving partial/untakeble knowledge or understanding and make them confused. This will only create disorder! Every living being performs the actions based on the characteristic they have! The senses utilize them to act! The wise man knows how to manage it! Also one shouldn't enter in to another one's duty and perform it, that should be avoided and it’s unacceptable. He told Arjuna, as the fire is surrounded by smoke, the wisdom is always surrounded by desire, and hence the wise should be aware and remove the desire by control on mind and by concentrating on supreme power.

"Our Life: In life, we have to give something to others, only to the extend they can take and not beyond their limit. If everyone is capable of everything, the world would be having only robotic living. There will be no demand and supply. If everyone is a medical practitioner or construction engineer the world will not run in a normal way. The world has its own cycle and everyone here performs the role which they have selected. However the one, who understand the importance of the role and how to be unattached with the role, can provide guidance to the other, based on the amount the other one can take it. But going beyond a limit and feeding the one (who can’t take), will only create confusion! A construction worker , who is plastering the wall in 25th floor, hanging in a rope between sky and  earth , is been told with all this and if he is asked to perform his duty without attachment, can he take it ?!! May be or may not be!!! (Don’t think he can’t) The work he is doing doesn't qualify his characteristics and thinking, there could be few who can, few who can't ...It depends on the individual. But when they can’t, then all you spoke with that person can only create disorder to his life! Similarly, no one can take decision for others (rightfully)! You can’t for your wife/son/husband/parents/friend, etc (rightfully)! No one can lead others (rightfully)! We are not been given the right, nor are we capable of! Most of them time, people who like to decide for others are worried to take a decision for them self (may be they like to pilot on others :))! We can only guide and give relevant support, but decision & action to be owned by the relevant individual and interfering in that is a Sin. However when it’s comes to a country/group/team the decisions are taken by selected individual; however it’s a role which they play and it’s their duty. Their credit’s on life are purely depends on the decisions taken and duty performed as in that role! 

Be the leader, when no one is ready to lead! Be the decision maker, when no one is ready to decide!  You can exclude this, only when it’s a duty assigned to you!"

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