Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 -The Yoga of Renunciation of Action

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Krishna told Arjuna, i have taught this Yoga to the Sun god, millennium's ago and he taught to others, by that many of them carried away it, as part of tradition, but over a period of time the chain was broken. So here i am, again giving you that knowledge.

Bhagavad Gita

Arjuna asked Krishna that you were born among us how did you teach this to sun god, because you seem to be lesser age than him. Krishna replied Arjuna, that you are born many times and I am also born many times, and whenever in these worlds the righteousness reduces and unrighteous things grow, I born (as incarnation) with my Maya to destruct the wicked and protect the good and to establish dharma (truth/ fairness and kindness).

"Our Life: There are 10 incarnations of Vishnu, as told in Hindu mythology and one among them is Krishna and the last one still pending is "Kalki”, in which the god will come in "white horse with a sword"  Hmm.... Interesting part is the initial few incarnations, which were millions of year apart; the forms are like fish, pig and turtle, etc. Why in the world, he is not in human form? Did human race exist in that period? May not be … Until I saw the movie Jurassic park, I was not aware of dinosaurs. And now they are not in this world for many thousand years... It means the world undergoes change/revamp in a period... Today we get petrol in gulf, under the dessert. The petrol existence means there was rich organic elements were there in that place thousands of years ago... Today only dessert exists. The world has undergone huge amount of changes, which we are still studying... So it means some revamping happens on certain Intervals and human form may not have existed at that point in time. Apart from this, I don’t know , whether for "Kalki", god will come in horse or he will come with a new cyclone /series of earth quake/volcano erupt/virus/bomb etc called "Horse" , who knows!!!  When our Laptop is hung, what do we do, we "Restart", similarly a machine is not working, what we do, we "Restart”, maybe we got this principle from him :)"

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Krishna told Arjuna, the one who knows this and who is free from anger and fear, and free from attachment, is absorbed by me and become one in me. The wise performs action without any attachment.

"Our life: How do I know, I am without any attachment? Hmm... Thing 3 thinks which you like the most in this life (relationship/material/ or any). Ok... Now if we remove those 3 from your life from tomorrow on wards, will you still have interest in life or do you inclined to live ? .. For many of us, it’s “no”. The one which you like the most, if you are ready to leave any time for its good or with the understanding of god , it means you are already living detached. Be clear, it includes fame/desire/etc also. Leaving the one which you like the most (including self), if you can do, then you have nothing to achieve here in this world. Now, i am writing all this, whether I am a saint, no ... Can I leave everything and live normally my life? I don’t know... But I am sure understanding that they are perishable can help me to live in a better way and handle things better way! "

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Krishna told Arjuna, the one who can see action in inaction and inaction in action, is the wise. He is not attached to actions. The one who has removed the desire from actions and its results, have great wisdom and no sin can affect, when he performs the action. He lives with, what is the minimum needed for his life.

"Our Life:  I see many a times, people start every activity in professional life with personal results in mind and only that as major target. Everyone has expectation in self, and the organization has theirs, so we plan and agree what to achieve in a year. When it comes to self goal, i see people start the year with the goal "promotion”, "double digit increment" etc... they go and ask the supervisor, what if i do, I will get them this year...They don’t ask, what should i learn this year, they don't ask, what do you think is my potential and  how can i use it for my duty effectively... People employed in the current generation, only for their competency to do the job and the performance, instead of concentrating on improving the competency, people target on promotions and salary as the only goal! Their entire sets of actions are dependent only on that! It could be because they don't believe that their action will lead result or could be fear, that they may not achieve the result, or they only bothered about short term goals! A confident, self known person will not worry about the result, but will concentrate on the action... When you perform the activities in competent way, with evenness in your mind, the salary and promotions will come in your way... if not in this organization, it will be in the other :) but don't loose you, because you are precious and difficult to find, if you lose! 

Anyone who is having assets more than what is required for his normal day to day life and for his emergency, is again attached to the materialistic nature. The materialistic things will not leave him. For him, nothing is adequate. Believe, even if he has 300 million plus dollars, he is going to say, it’s inadequate for emergency, because by that time his asset will make him as servant(developed all kind of bondages like investment, loan, status, etc) and it will bring all the vulnerabilities to him. In windows operating system, when you try clean up the programs, it will show how frequently you use that program and it will tell you remove programs based on that. Similarly, when you actually don't use many of the things, asset is a curse"

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Krishna went ahead and told Arjuna, through sacrifices people try to achieve the almighty, some of them sacrifice material, some sacrifice hearing, some sacrifices senses, some practices breathing, some follow austerity, some follow regulated food and through them they try to destroy the sins. Above all, superior is knowledge about supreme and actions without attachments, you will learn this from the Guru's who has obtained such knowledge. The knowledge will act as fire to destroy all the desires. There is no purifier better than the soul of a knowledgeable person, who understands the self and satisfied by self. The one who is doubtful will have happiness in neither this world nor in any other world.

"Our Life: Guru's (teacher) help us learn various practices and impart knowledge to us on different topics. The help of teacher and its requirement varies from person to person. Not everyone needs to attend religious classes or others. The need can only be determined by the self and not by others. Many of us in India follow gurus, which help for many, in concentrating and taking life forward. Different people take things, to the level it’s required for them. Be clear, there is nothing purer than your own soul and it’s should be your goal to connect with it. Now a days , we see the so called gurus' have become business people and they have lot of things to maintain like publicity, assets, brand names, chain hospitals/restaurants/colleges, etc, donation inflow, organizational strength and sale of products. They want to sit in golden chair and some singer will be singing about them and they listen happily talking about yours and my life. I am not pulling any one’s leg, they will have their own reason, as long as they are not attached to their actions and they don’t have any expectations on results, we are no one to judge! 

A guru guides you in a path, but the path only you have to walk. If you are dependent on a guru throughout your life, it means you haven't walked, you are just standing there!

When you decide on something and on some person, never allow the doubt to come in your mind. That can destroy you. Before you decide on anything analyze and decide, but once you are engaged in, you should never doubt, even if your senses say, because doubt will ruin everything you have!"

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