Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7- The Yoga of Wise Understanding

Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Krishna told Arjuna that he created Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect and egoism and above all he created the life itself. All this are woven on him, like a clusters of gems in a string. He went ahead and told, the taste of water, light of moon, syllable “Om” in Vedas, fragrance of earth, life in all, intelligence of the intelligent and radiance of the radiant, everything is being on him. The characteristics - Pure, active and inert are coming from supreme power, but he is not in them, these are divine illusions and very hard to overcome, only the one, who seek the supreme power will cross it. The distressed people, knowledge seeker, wealth seeker and wise man all worship him, out of these the wise man, who seek only him is dearer to him. I am in formless and in many forms as gods, people pray to different forms and want to achieve something and they go to achieve it. The one who believe in my supreme form reaches me and he is the unborn and imperishable. Krishna knows the past, present and future and him no one knows. The wise man at the time of departure (death) they pray to him and reach him, not only them, even the sinner who prays to him at the end realizing this, also reaches him.

“Our Life: The Universe is one amazing place and it has so many wonderful creations! However if you look at them closely, there is some pattern we can realize. The smallest components like cells in a body, atom in a metal and the biggest element  the universe, all of them has a nucleus(center) , free particles which move around , and well arranged particles like planet, electrons ,etc in a distance away, revolving around the nucleus in a orbit. Which shows, the base of all material elements and living beings have some commonalities.  So when we read, god is in there in everything, there is not much to surprise. Also as per Newton’s law (yes... the school theory, which fetched easy marks!), the energy in this universe can’t be created and can’t be destroyed, but it can only be converted to a different form. When it’s a science theory, we don’t ask question, the same when it comes in a holy book, we ask… God is unborn and imperishable and the same is for the soul, which are unborn and imperishable, but they can different forms with bodies…  Science is nothing but a language used to study his creations, but science is neither the god nor it can lead us to god. Only belief can take us to the supreme power”

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