Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8 - The Yoga of Undestructible Brahma

Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Krishna explained to Arjuna, at the time of death/quitting the body, a person remembers the supreme personality of god as goal, then he achieves him, similarly he who meditates on Krishna and constantly engage himself in remembering the supreme personality of god- reaches him, like that the one who reads Vedas and follows all the rules and guidance set by them also reaches him (if that’s their goal), the same is for the one – who is dedicated his life in devotional service and completely followed that as a medium to reach. Beyond all these, the one who understand supreme personality, as oldest, as controller, as smallest, as largest, beyond material, beyond conception, seeing him as sun, moon and everything and live as yogin also reaches him.

Krishna has explained the practice of Yoga, on how to close eyes and think of the central point of in between eyes and thinking about god with the syllable of “Om” chanting, can help in achieving perfection. Similarly he explained the calculation of days and nights for Brahma and for human, and he told - by period and day /night, when one can reach the birth less state. However the one who firmly believes in supreme god and at the time of death, who only thinks on him, will reach Krishna – the supreme personality of God.

“Our Life: The very famous question, if tonight the world is going to be destroyed by a comet (think, NASA missed this J) and there is no chance for USA, Russia or China to send their missiles to destroy it in the middle air, and it’s official now, that you have only 2 hours with you….. What will you do...? Many of us would like to have our final wish fulfilled, some in bars, some with family, some in roads, some in crying, some in phone, some in love, some with holy book & in church/temple/mosque, etc  praying that it should not end today (basically asking god to do some magic to save them, so another few years they can lead their great life J)…  Not most of them are expected to be in a state of prayer which leads only to him and not thinking on anything else, instead many will be still searching for final set of happiness or pleasure or handling fear through pleasure or engage in action which makes them forget themselves.  Interestingly not many of us are sure, whether instead of fulfilling materialistic or human desires, we will be realizing god!

The one who is studying the holy books or praying in holy place, they are still searching god outside in a paper (words) or in a place. There is nothing wrong in it. However the moment you search god outside, the path is huge and it has no end. Many of them want to see god in a form or in an action, or in nature, or in a place… We think god has to come in front of us… Why should he come? …. God is inside you, if he is the super soul and has made all these souls, and all these souls are part of him, then your soul is the place where god resides... Don’t search him outside... You may never find him! Let the moment be anything, he is there in you and he never leaves you… You be having tea, eating meat , helping someone, wounded, or working, let you do whatsoever, at every moment and at any time, he is there with you! We think only in a particular place he lives or he resides, that’s nothing other than lack of awareness. He never leaves you alone, let it be success, failure, loss or anything, he is there with you and all your pain and pleasure he is taking. Be sure, you are part of him and there is nothing to worry, but you are not the god!!!  Anyway, it’s true not everyone can have the same understanding, so he has given many paths and religion and practices, so that based on understanding they can follow him ( by doing devotional activity, meditate, pray, help others, etc)”

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