Bhagavad Gita Chapter 17 - The Yoga of Three fold Faith

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Arjuna asked Krishna, how the faith is situated in people who have the characteristics of goodness (Sattva), Passion (Rajas) and Ignorance (Tamas). Krishna told Arjuna, that threefold faith depends upon the character which they carry. The human becomes of the same as his faith. The men who punish their body in the name austerity and doesn't feed and make their body suffer, are fools as they don’t care that i am inside them. The men who eat, juicy and leafy foods can carry the goodness characteristics,  the one who eat , too sour, spicy, salty food will carry passion characteristics and the one who eat stale, tasteless and impure food will carry Ignorance characteristics with them. The one who is in goodness, do the worship and offering without any expectations, and the one in Passion, provide offerings with expectations and meeting goals, and the one in ignorance, provide offering without any faith, but as to achieve immoral things. The Austerity of body is achieved by worshiping god, purity, Straightforwardness and taking care of health. Austerity of Speech is achieved by speaking pleasant and beneficial, and speaking truth. Austerity of mind is achieved by self control, silence, purity in thinking. Beyond this any austerity which is practiced with object of getting reward, result, and honor will be of nature passion, which is unstable. The Austerity which is followed foolishly is set to be ignorance. When a charity is performed, that has to be without any result to achieve and for worthy person, then it’s goodness. The same for a result if it’s performed then it’s for passion and the same performed for honor and for unworthy person then it’s ignorance. For the one who performs charity, austerity and others, only with faith on supreme power and with no other goal to achieve, he achieves all the three fold faith.

Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita

"Our Life:  In our day to day life, we see television, read newspaper, travel across so many advertisement hoardings and shops, but we don’t notice all of them. The moment, we decide that we will buy a two wheeler or four wheeler, house, etc... We are able to see number of advertisement in the same news paper, television channel and in shopping places.... Are they published as per our wish.. No.. They always exist, only thing, we don’t notice them... The moment we started searching, we are able to see them( one exception, now a day’s media team also searches only hot topics, and once rating goes down, they go to next topic!)... So search with faith, we will get what we want... For god, why do we need to search...? He is there in you, but faith is required...Belief is required... You need to believe that he is there within you.... there is only one language and one short road to the supreme power , that’s nothing but belief on him.... We swallow and excel air, do we stop this process?! No, if we stop this, we will die.. What is air? Is this not part of supreme power, our body is not of supreme power?! Everything is from him.. Then why do we believe that he is only in Pooja room or in a photo or in a place... Are we thinking, he is a genie from Aladdin lamp, that whenever i hit, god will come out?!! :) .. Similarly we have many rituals, and I strongly believe some of them have scientific reasons and cleanliness is associated with it, beyond that there is nothing... When we have death in house, birth in house, the woman in menstrual period, and so on, we treat them as inauspicious.... if god is there in graveyard (ex: Shiva), god is there in a woman's body and soul and god created the wonderful birth , then it’s foolish to differentiate god from all of this.. Is he visitor to your house to come and eat food/Prasad and to go?!! He is the supreme power, without him nothing exists in this world even for a second... He is the blood, he is the air, he is the water, he is life, he is material and everything... Consider cleanliness, but never think god is not there in anything...  Whatever we perform we give everything to god, beyond that if we try to treat him as angry young man/ angry bird or killer or money lender or sacrificer  or leader or in any other form, he will come to us only in that form.... Not everyone can follow the systems with understanding, so based on people's capability the rituals are created and over a period of time and place and kind of people they have become rules.. However if you believe he is a light, he is the light for you.. If you imagine, he is a gun, he will be a gun for you...Because he has no attachment and he is equal to everyone...It’s our faith which leads to what we deserve..."

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