Bhagavad Gita Chapter 9- The Yoga of Royal Secret

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Krishna has told Arjuna, since he is the dearest and true disciple of supreme god, Krishna will tell the greatest secret to him. He told Arjuna, all the beings are part of him, but he is not completely in any one part. All beings here have a life time and at the end they move out and come back again to this world. Some call this as nature, in which I send things again and again. Nor I am bound by any actions, but I keep doing the actions without any attachments. With my supervision the nature produces the moving and unmoving and the world revolves. I am the food, medicine, mantra, butter, fire, father of world, the mother, supporter and grandsire, I am the knowable, the purifier and syllable “Om” and all Vedas. I am the goal, sustainer, lord, witness, abode, shelter, friend, origin, dissolution, foundation, treasure and in many forms, and I am the imperishable. I give heat, cold, send rain, I am the immortal and I am the death and birth, existence and non-existence.

“Our Life: It’s very difficult for us to accept all the happenings in life as part of god (not as act of god, but its part of god). This is primarily because the self is made of actions, desires and ego. A human loses the most and become weak, when he loses the loved one! Or the love! Why do we really get broke down that time, it’s because we know, that we can never achieve it back... But why do we want to achieve it back? because we don’t know what else to do, repeated memories which don’t leave us, we don’t see any replacement for that love, and our ego – which categorizes us as worthless,  we are not ready to leave thinking, because we as a person feel it’s wrong to forget…. Hmm… So many people lose their life, do suicide and put them off life and do badly to their own… But Why? … When god is everything and he lived/lives as your loved one and he is the one – who is dead or told you to forget or lost somewhere…if so, then why, we are carrying this sadness, for what we are waiting… When he (god) is gone from the form you loved, he will come in a new form, for you! There is nothing that you have lost! Whatever was there in some form and which you loved, will be there in some other form, but you have to be ready for that! Remember you will also die someday; you will also leave someone alone, someday! But be sure, with them also god will be there! So accept the changes, as every change is also him… He is there for you and he never leaves you alone and your loved ones will be there with him always, as Part of him... The only thing, which you can pray is, that they also should reach the supreme god and there is no return back to the world for them also… So get up and walk, and never allow the smoke surround you and make you feel lost”

Bhagavad Gita
Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita Summary : Krishna told Arjuna about heaven and birth, the men who follow the Vedas, the soma drinker (holy drink), pure one, sacrifice and the worshipper; they all go to heaven and enjoy the divine pleasures of gods and demi gods. Once their merit is exhausted they again enter in to this world as mortals. It’s cycle in which going and returning happens to human, even if they follow all the Vedas. The men who worship me alone, for them I secure the place with me. Even the one, who worships any other gods or in any other forms, they only worship me. I am everything and the supreme power, the ignorant forget this. I am the enjoyer of all and the lord of sacrifice too, but when they don’t know me, they fail. The worshipper of gods, go to that form; the ancestor’s worshippers, goes to that form; the elements worshippers, go to that form; The one who worships me, comes to myself. With devotion, if one offers a leaf, flower, fruit or water, I take that for their pure mind. Hence whatever you do or practice, do that as an offering to me. Thus you shall be liberated from fruit’s of action, good and bad. By thus, you shall come to me. I have none dear and none hateful, however the one who worship me with devotion, they are in me and I am also in them. Even the sinful will reach me; by having understand me and having devotion on me. So fix your mind on me, devote to me, and sacrifice to me, by this you shall reach me.

“Our Life: We might worship gods with many forms, but finally everything is one supreme power, this is told by god in Gita and not by us. So why do we have problems here based on religion? What are we trying to do? Is god expecting us to come to a conclusion and bring justice to his land/principle/rules, etc? … Ignorance, fear, politicizing, identity crisis and egoism, all of them is creating their own illusions to human mind, by thus we see people fight and safe guarding their gods… Yes... That’s what we believe... We are the one, who safe guard our god and religion, by fighting with evil ( all other forms, which we can’t accept is evil for us…Krishna with any other name is also evil for us J), if this is the belief we have means, then we should read Gita once again or many more times…. He is the supreme power and safeguarding everything. If someone really wants to perform their duty to their religion, then they should read and practice it... And not become a fool and keep that as holy book in a room and fight with Krishna… Yes, by showing your grudge and hate on other religion, region or anything, you just showed it on Krishna and not on any other gods... (there is no other god, it’s one supreme power , let it be Krishna, Allah, Jesus, Buddha or any).
Can anyone say that they safe guarded Bhagavad Gita? None can say that... on its own, it’s surviving; it’s just the wish of God. People can argue, unless they fought with other religions , it wouldn’t have survived… check karnatic/Hindustani music, bharata natyam or any dance, none of them have well scripted manuals, but they survived for years, the same for few language and tradition…It’s Just that, they are followed by people and that became part of their life.. When it comes to Bhagavad Gita or god, we will just fight, more than following J  .So then, why don’t we understand and have fewer problems based on religion? May be, the supreme power wants to have balance between wise and ignorant…
As a secret, god has told that, offer everything to me and be detached from actions’ fruitive result. It’s easier, when we have poor result and we are ready to dedicate it to god, but when you get success, not many will offer it to god. The same is for fame! Success and fame, they both take you away from where you started, and no longer will you be detached, unless you dedicate it to god. We are seeing people,  after success (like a writer, media person, movie maker, socialist, etc) they want to give comment on everything, they share their opinion on everything… very rarely, we see people who defy to comment and say they are not the right one to comment. We see newspapers are filled with additional pages, where people have to attend parties and they are rated also. Do everyone really happy for this, is that what the person is all about, may not be!  But Success and fame, takes you there, where coming back to ground is very difficult for you. The best way is, offer success, failure and everything to god and keep ourselves unattached to the results.” 

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